SENSE the power of You

Eco-conscious textiles

Sourced from luxury textile purveyors across Spain and France and adhering to strict practices in sustainable production. With love for our planet, we always use fabrics that have a reduced impact on our planet. We only use organic, natural fibres to produce our timeless styles you will wear.


We prioritise nature; our eco-conscious swimwear textiles use less than half the quantity of nylon and plastic in production while aiding in water conservation; we eliminate heavy water consumption by avoiding digital printing. The residual water is purified and returned to the rivers. The result is an inimitable quality product that is soft to the touch, kinder on the body, and contributes to both you and our environment. Sense Swim swimwear new-age fabrics boast a multitude of remarkable properties from incomparable lightness, quick-drying, UV protection, chlorine, and heat-resistance. They are appearing in decadent variations with three-dimensional shapes. Available in a multitude of natural tones.


At the heart of Sense Swim is the desire to create pieces connected to nature. Our luxurious, natural fabrics inspire the design process and ensure our made-to-order garments are both high quality and longevity. Our natural fabrics and yarn made of the earth can return to the earth and break down naturally, beautifully without contributing to landfill. Natural fibres have their additional benefits such as antimicrobial properties, breathability and odour resistance.


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