Invoke the power of nature and ignite your SENSES


Sense Swim is an eco-luxury label infusing natural shapes with modern, sophisticated design. Every piece is crafted to define the female body, igniting the senses with sustainable fabrics.

Our belief is to create quality swimwear and leisurewear that is kind to both the wearer and the planet.

At the heart of Sense Swim is the desire to made-to-order pieces connected to nature. Our luxurious, eco-fabrics inspire the design process and ensure that our luxury garments are of high quality and longevity. Natural fabrics can return to the earth and break down naturally, beautifully without contributing to landfill.

The Sense Swim line’s item can become an essential staple in the modern woman’s wardrobe, ideal as part of sophisticated barefoot escapism. Sense Swim collection elevates women to feel comfortable, confident, and unique with golden monogram details.

The synchronism of nature is often illustrated by a flower; its symmetrical petals center displays the equal oneness present within all things. Organically the flower became the perfect representation of Sense Swim. 

With a heavy focus on superior design quality, all of our pieces include Sense Swim’s unique golden pendant. A glowing accessory delicately added to each item for a personal touch. The Sense flower pendant is golden and heat-resistant, created by an industry leader in artisan jewelry manufacturer based in Spain.


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