Environments & sustainability

At Sense, we pride ourselves on ethical and sustainable business practices. Our collections are designed and made in Barcelona Sense Swim atelier that employs the skill-set of experts and eco-friendly suppliers adhering to the EU legislation of ethical, social and environmental standards. 

Ethically-sustainable supply chains are also reinforced through consistently sourcing materials and services by French and Spanish partners, while our luxury eco-textile mill implements strict quality standards, often promoting environmental conservation and implementing ethical business practices. 

In a time of mass production, we believe it is our responsibility to raise the bar of sustainable and ethical practices to create a product of unparalleled quality and design. 


Made-to-order means ordering a product that has not been produced yet. We do this to offer you high-quality, specially made for you and avoid creating stock excess that will end up thrown away. Also, by made-to-order, we fight impulsive purchases, leading to fast fashion issues.

Items that make you look great and make the world a better place for everyone. We produce what we sell (#ZeroWaste) and help consumers buy made-to-last products and make better purchasing decisions.


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